Xinjiang photovoltaic industry development to the Nanjiang tilt

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Photovoltaic power generation scale National Energy Bureau recently approved the four southern states can be increased to 1000000 kilowatts, which means that the photovoltaic industry in Xinjiang is to the south of Xinjiang tilt.
Yesterday, a reporter from the autonomous region development and Reform Commission to know, the National Energy Bureau of the approval in four regions in the south of Xinjiang Construction 1000000 kilowatts of photovoltaic power plant, built the year after generating capacity of 1300000000 kwh, and can directly stimulate the local investment 8000000000 yuan, annual sales income of 1240000000 yuan, the project of the social and economic benefits are very significant.
Autonomous Region Development and Reform Commission said, in the southern areas of coal reserves less, lack of electricity supply, but the abundant solar energy resources, favorable conditions with the development of photovoltaic. The state approved the increase in four regions of Southern photovoltaic construction scale in southern Xinjiang, is to promote the resource advantages into economic advantages of effective way.
In Xinjiang, the construction of photovoltaic power station though started late, but rapid progress. Only Hami Shicheng sub photovoltaic industrial park, there are more than 30 well-known domestic and foreign enterprises. Is expected to "1025" end, Hami photovoltaic installed capacity will reach 1000000 kilowatts, this figure accounted for about 1/3 of the whole xinjiang.
In addition to the photovoltaic industry park is famous both in China and abroad, local well-known enterprises also have perfect PV on the lower reaches of the industrial chain of the trend. In October 21st, TBEA announcement says, will invest to build photovoltaic power generation project in Qapqal, the realization of power transmission equipment and new energy double drive.

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