Distributed photovoltaic development policy should fully consider the interests of power grid

Date:2014-10-25 15:52:35  Visit:

If the parties emphasize only and require China State Grid Corp to pure pay in grid connected photovoltaic process, provide free support, the short term may, is difficult to support long-term. Especially after the implementation of electricity subsidy policy, measure the corresponding grid workload is very huge, it also brings the work difficulty and pressure for the grass-roots power grid enterprises. In the future, countries formulate policies, shall give due consideration to the interests of power enterprises, and strive to the full range of arousing the enthusiasm of the grid in the distributed photovoltaic project access, measurement and related service aspects.
In recent years, China attaches great importance to the development of photovoltaic industry, since the beginning of 2013, the state has dozens of related policies to promote the development of photovoltaic industry, and promote the rapid development of distributed photovoltaic power generation market. From the historical data, as of the end of 2012, China's photovoltaic power generation cumulative total installed capacity reached 6500000 kilowatts, and in 2013 a year of growth for the 12920000 kilowatts. The National Energy Bureau at the beginning of 2014 announced the total scale of annual PV market new record is 14000000 kW, which distributed photovoltaic power generation accounted for 8000000 kilowatts.

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