When the photovoltaic power station meets the industry fund

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Zhang Guobao, director of the National Energy Advisory Committee of experts: SUNEDISON can learn from financial instruments
Meet SunEdison enterprise first, but prior to this name has been discussed many times. Because investment in photovoltaic power station, when there will be many certain and uncertain factors, it is difficult to make the enterprise obtain loans. But the SunEdison is through the innovation of financial tools, put the project into unforeseen and cash flow, thus completing the loan of photovoltaic power station.
What is predictable? For example, and the Power Grid Corp signed a purchase agreement with PPA transmission. If you take PPA to the financial company, has signed a ten year, year sell how much electricity, this is a fixed cash flow. As for how much money, policy change is unpredictable, is the enterprise own things. Do not need to make financial firms assume uncertain things, will let the financial company assured a lot, financial companies willing to give enterprises listed, or the issuance of bonds, financing. The innovation of financial tools to solar and wind power financing brings a new way of thinking, some new energy including the garbage power generation, also can use this concept

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